UPA-USB Device Programmer

UPA-USB Device Programmer 1.3

Programs and updates software for managing USB devices
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Access and modify the functions of USB devices by applying hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary system configurations. The utility manages multiple devices to USB ports, removes or adds new ones. Direct viewing of images in JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF from USB drives is possible. A text editor is included.

Over write or insert mode; Support hexadecimal, decimal, octal and binary systems; File size up to 2GB (depends on the virtual memory of the computer); Print the whole file or selected part of it; Unlimited Undo/Redo; Adjustable bytes per line; Fast searching/replacing hex or text data; Compare files; Font and colour options; Opening/Saving Intel Hex Format files; Opening Motorola S Record files; Swap even and odd bytes; Copy dump to clipboard; Copy part of a file to another file or to a text editor; Go to specified offset; Fill a selected part of the file in 0, FFh, counter or random

System Requirements: Pentium processor-based personal computer,32MB RAM Memory, 2MB Hard Disk, USB 1.1/2.0 port, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

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